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This is a masterlist of all my fanfiction, sorted by fandom, and whether it's RPS or FPS.

ETA: As of April 28, 2011, this Masterpost has been updated to include all works on my journal. Alternately, you may use the fanfic tag to browse my journal for any and all fanfiction.
Firefly Fiction:

Quiet (Book-centric)

Merlin Fiction:

No Man (Gen, Arthur/Merlin)

Lost Awhile (Reincarnation!AU)

White Collar Fiction:

Promises, Promises (All I Want For Christmas)

ST:XI Series:

Possibilities Series:

Escaping Reality

Suspended Imagination

Forthcoming: Obscured Reality

I'm a Doctor, Not a...  Series:

I'm a Doctor, Not a Royal!   (Links to the first part, link to second is in that post)

WIP: I'm a Doctor, Not a Sex Symbol!

Forthcoming: I'm a Doctor, Not a Mother!



Let Me Fall

ST:XI Misc. Crossovers

Conversion: a Three Part Story (ST/CoR)
Codex Terra: Book 1 Men And Fools

Inglorious (AU)

Ride The Sky  (WIP, AU)

Hope, Kindness, and Rebirth (A Christmas AU)

Love Light Gleams (a DEA Christmas Story)

Christmas This Year (War AU)

Non-Series ST:XI:

Mine (Animal)   (girl!Kirk/McCoy)

Haunting My Dreams (Halloween AU)

Pre-Flight Physical (NSFW)

Please (Don't Go)


Carols and Kisses (Christmas Story)

Silly Little Hearts (Valentine's Story)

Hot Mess (Chekov/Sulu)

ST:XI Comment Fics (FPF/RPF):

Three Unconnected Comment Fics (RPF/FPF, M!U)

DEA Comment Fics (Chronological Order)

Two Connected M!U Comment Fics (NC-17)

Footloose and Fancy Free (Gymnast!AU)


Bathrobes and Fedoras (WIP Prompt, Not open to Public Yet)

Terminator Salvation/ST:XI RPF:

Always The Same Thing (Anton/Christian Feat. ST:XI cast)

Reaper!Bones/Doom!Trek Fics:

Reborn in a Dream (Songfic)

Facing Reality (Reaper!Bones)

Fleeing Humanity (Reaper!Bones) Sequel to Facing Reality


At The End Of All Things (Frodo/Sam)
Tags: fandom: doom, fandom: firefly, fandom: lotr, fandom: merlin, fandom: riddick, fandom: st, fandom: st:xi, fandom: white collar, fanfic, masterpost, rating: g, rating: nc-17, rating: pg, rating: pg-13, rating: r, reaper!bones
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