This is a Notice to my Flist About Recent Decisions

Following LJ's spectacular fuckup, I'm going to start posting over at Dreamwidth. I'll still crosspost here (once I figure out how that works) and my stories will still be posted to rois_ficpalooza but I will no longer be paying for any services provided by LJ. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come to this realization before my year came up, but I won't be renewing my icon package or anything else. I'm saddened and frankly appalled that LJ isn't doing anything about the issues that have been happening, and that they can be so callous as to say that everything's 'okay' and that nothing's wrong, even though it KEEPS HAPPENING.

For more info on what's going on on this site, I'll direct you to lorax's DW post detailing the issue and there's already a lively discussion about it over there.

It's been real folks. See ya.  

Seriously. Fuck it All

My husband and I went up to the Dallas area this last week to visit his parents and brothers. Originally we were supposed to go t Kansas but that fell through so we were ready for a nice week of hangin' out with the 'rents.

Only there was no hanging out with the 'rents involved really. I spent the week making sure that my father-in-law wasn't going to fall into a coma because he wasn't eating right, dealing with my mother-in-law because she wouldn't talk to anyone else, and being a chauffer for most of the days.

His parents are getting a divorce. His stepfather had a stroke recently, and is nowhere near a point to live on his own, and his mother didn't really say anything, just packed some stuff and left. I'm still not sure whether or not Jim gets what's going on, but I'm not about to talk with him about it.

On top of that, the electricity at their house was turned off because the bill wasn't paid, even though the electric company had a policy that people on medication that has to be refrigerated can't have their power turned off. So we had to pay that, and then the water bill as well. so there went all of our money.

I'm stuck in the middle of a five-way fucking shit-fest and I have no idea how to tell everyone to let me breathe. My husband tries to help and it's sweet that he does, but he doesn't get that I don't need to isolate myself (not to mention that it doesn't work) I need to stick in with it and get used to it.

His mother's a wreck, his little brother's a manipulative little shit, and I got tired of it. His little brother has a host of small medical problems that add up to him having the mental capacity of a 4th grader at age 25. He sits on the computer all day playing video games and complains because he's the only one that walks their two dogs. It's the only exercise he gets and I told him that if he came to stay with us, he'd be doing a hell of a lot more than that. He knows that because he's different, people are more likely to let him get away with shit. No. A 4th grader can load the dishwasher, can walk a pair of geriatric dogs, can clean up their room, and take out the trash. Not saying that they do, just saying that they can. He doesn't like doing it, so he complains to his mom and she berates everyone else. I'm done.

I don't know what else to do. As an empath (not everyone believes it, that's okay) I've been surrounded by anger, hurt, and confusion for an entire week. And I don't get a recharge. There's nowhere for me to go to be alone, nowhere that I can just be and I don't think my husband gets that. So I'm stuck dealing with all this shit and I'm expected to be functioning. I'm having a hard time keeping from crying at any given moment.

And one last thing? I might be pregnant.

ETA: Okay, so I just took a pregnancy test and it said 'Not Pregnant'. I will retest tomorrow to confirm this, but it's probably stress.

Look! I Wrote Fic(s)! I'm not Dead (I promise)

Two McFassy Fics... Yeah they're both heavy angst. I Blame It On The Rain.

They are both posted over at my fic comm rois_ficpalooza, along with more tales of woe interspersed with happier moments.

Title: Leaving Some Things Unsaid
Author: bandearg_rois
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Angst, implied infidelity, ANGST.
Summary: So many things left unsaid.
Author's Note: This is the continuation of my comment-fic for the Daily Delicious 102x full off pain and angst. the first few paragraphs are the comment fic in question. Title and cut-text from the song "Unsaid" by The Fray.

( We Are Breathing Deeply Instead )

Title: The Last Time
Author: bandearg_rois
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Angst, infidelity, ANGST.
Summary: Years make everything right, right? Sometimes they don't.
Author's Note: This is James's POV, a sort of Sequel to Leaving Some Things Unsaid.

( Sweep It Into the Corner, Or Hide It Under The Bed )



For everyone who recently got their Owls, I'm Elmrune105.

This is a rant about the Potions section. I've successfully brewed the Antidote to Common Poisons 5 times today alone. Without using up any ingredients or recieving any Points.

Because every time I finish it and it tells me I was successful and earned the house points, and I go to brew another potion, it tells me the Antidote needs my attention... and I'm forced to start over.


Teel deer: Pottermore's glitches are fucking my day up.